Applying press-on nails is a great way to get long and beautiful nails without spending too much time or money at a salon. Whether you’re going for an everyday look, or something extra special for a special occasion, press-on nails are the perfect solution.

But before you can enjoy the beauty of your new nail look, you have to make sure they fit correctly. The wrong size of press-on nail can cause discomfort and lead to them coming off prematurely. To make sure you get it right the first time around, here’s how to size press-on nails like a pro!


The first step in sizing your press-on nails is measuring the length of your own natural nails. It is important that you take accurate measurements as this is what you will use as a guide when selecting which size to apply.

To measure your own nail length, start from one side of the cuticle and measure straight down to the tip of your nail. Don’t measure from corner to corner as this could give an inaccurate result – it must be measured directly from the cuticle down. Write down these measurements for each finger for reference later on when selecting a size.


Once you have measured all ten fingers, compare those measurements with those on the packaging of each individual press-on nail set until you find ones that are closest in size match with your own natural nails. It’s okay if there isn’t an exact match – longer lengths are usually preferred as they can be filed down easily if needed during application.

It’s also important to take into consideration not only length but width as well. A good fit means both length and width should be considered when selecting your size; if too wide or too narrow it could cause discomfort during wear and potentially damage your natural nail beds over time due to bad alignment with edges curling up or digging into sides of fingers respectively.


Before applying any type of glue or adhesive make sure you inspect all 10 sets of press-on nails for quality control purposes by checking their materials thoroughly. Durability should always be considered when choosing which type of material works best for you; look out for signs like chipping or splitting nails as these may not have been made properly causing them not to last long during wear! Additionally, ensure that the material looks natural enough so it blends in seamlessly with your existing manicure after application – matte finishes tend work best here since glossy surfaces may stand out more than desired under certain lighting conditions like fluorescent bulbs etcetera…


Once satisfied with material selection it’s now time to apply glue onto each individual nail before affixing them onto your own natural nails – this ensures better adherence and longevity during wear! Start by squeezing two small dots of adhesive onto each set before quickly placing them onto their respective finger tips – working fast here guarantees better accuracy when aligning them correctly so take care in laying out all 10 sets beforehand otherwise risks having uneven results afterwards (which none us want!) Once done hold firmly for 10-15 seconds until completely dry and secure then move onto filing any excess edges away manually using either a file or buffer tool like I did below!


Finally after ensuring proper fitting has been achieved via affixing method above its time now for finishing touches i.e manual filing any excess edges away using either nail file/buffer tool depending on desired level smoothness needed– do note however that some files may require multiple passes due whereas buffers typically yield one uniform finish after single pass making them ideal choice if desired effect needs achieving quickly (and professional looking!). Try different techniques until comfortable with overall outcome before finalizing look by adding clear top coat sealant which would provide additional protection against potential chips/tears over prolonged period use thus increasing life span even further!

In conclusion, Ffoursister Nails are the perfect choice for anyone looking for the right size press-on nail set. Our products are made from durable materials and come in a variety of sizes to fit all natural nail shapes and lengths. Plus, we’re easy to find online or at your local Target! So if you’re ready to upgrade your manicure game with a few sets of press-on nails, make sure to check out Ffoursister Nails for a long lasting and beautiful look.

Ffoursister is a professional press-on nail company that supports customization.

We have reliable factories, independent designers, and the best prices! We provide you with customization services for press-on nails, including customized designs such as packaging, logo, style, nail type, etc. Welcome to contact us!

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